HYDRA Smart Mining

Mining has multiple complex components, requirements and challenges. At The Awareness Company, we take a holistic view to build a solution over time looking at each individual challenge and problem. The key factors in a solution as a whole are the ability to easily collect, combine and analyse data, but more importantly to then communicate these insights in a simple, visual and interactive way. This entails aggregation of various data inputs that could include systems and sensors into a holistic single situational awareness view. From the data, we uncover trends and foresight about process patterns across location and time. The output of which will be used to optimize processes and improve efficiency. This is the basis of our technology-based service, HYDRA.

HYDRA is a software solution that takes an influx of data into an organisation and transforms it into stories that are easily understood and interpreted into action. The HYDRA Engine uses advanced data aggregation and fusion engines, alongside other technologies, to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate digital transformation.


Our value enhancers for mining include:

  • Remote status and statistics of processes in the mine.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Gain better productivity and greater efficiency.
  • Follow real-time movements and actions of your people using a visual display.
  • Remotely manage and monitor operations.
  • Predictive equipment maintenance.
  • Environmental management awareness.
  • Aggregated integrated view of the business.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Evidence based decision making.

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