Introducing The Awareness Company

By Priaash Ramadeen - Apr 3 2018


We are proud to announce The Awareness Company - a newly created technology startup founded by Priaash Ramadeen, Estelle Lubbe, Alex Terlunen and Shazia Vawda on 1 April 2018 in Pretoria, South Africa. This is a company born out of sheer will and determination and embodies the DNA of a team who wants to make a difference; who wants to add value to our people, our communities, our country, our Africa and our Earth.

Our purpose is to empower people, communities and organisations by giving them the ability to come together to create a positive impact on a local and global scale. Our company will create technology solutions across multiple sectors to help people and organisations gain data and information awareness of their unique environments.

Our passion began a number of years ago while working on the counter rhino poaching campaign at a leading research and development organisation in South Africa. We will nurture this passion and use our skills in the broader conservation industry as well as in the dynamic and significant sectors of fintech, agriculture, cyber security and safety.

Building trust, delivering excellence and working with integrity is what drives us. We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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