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It's a big world out there. We're making it smaller.

We believe in empowering people, communities and organisations by giving them the ability to come together to create positive impact on a local and global scale. We create technology that tells a story. Your story. And we know it’s going to be an amazing story to tell.

Your organisation needs to make sense of multiple sources of information from people, sensors and systems to get a clear picture and make quick and effective decisions. That’s where we come in.
We use technology to connect everything and everyone at every level across multiple organisations to give you an integrated and intuitive view of your environment.

Most importantly we make technology that’s easy to use, that allows you to share and collaborate with others and that gives you the insight and awareness you need.



Digital intelligence.
Fastest insights.

HYDRA is a technology that takes an influx of data into an organisation and transforms it into stories that are easily understood and interpreted into action.

Problem based.
Solution driven.

We provide in-depth advisory services on your organisation's digitalisation, data and insight requirements.

Sensors and IoT.
Maximum value.

We help organisations select and procure sensors and IoT devices that meet their requirements and objectives.

Information revolution.
Commitment to innovation.

We integrate existing sensors and systems with our application to improve the way information is received and decisions are made. We customise and enhance applications with new features and capabilities as required.

Creatively disruptive.
Do things different.

LunarLab is our software development house focusing on custom software solutions, UI/UX, data analytics and website development.

The Team

Priaash Ramadeen


The Innovator

Estelle Lubbe

Customer Success

The Superstar

Shazia Vawda


The Creative

As the founders, we believe that The Awareness Company is not just a tech startup. It’s a philosophy. A mindset. A conviction in people making a difference in this world and the purpose of giving awareness to all. We’re obsessed with the technology we build and the potential it has to facilitate national and global cross-sector collaboration. With close to four decades of combined experience in research, engineering and innovation in South Africa, we’re driven by integrity, trust, excellence and impact. And coffee. Lots of it.

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